This Tech company's insurance network didn't cover their remote employees.

Howl's benefit structure couldn't accommodate remote employees, and they were overpaying on Medical premiums

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Oxford Health & ADP

Project Timeline

2 months


Increased in ROI revenue

This Tech company's insurance network didn't cover their remote employees.

Member Overview is a tech startup that is launching a messaging platform, similar to Slack- but for neighborhoods.  Howl was looking to grow their team, which meant onboarding new (remote) employees based all over the Country. Howl's previous insurance provider did not have a strong National Network, and their in-house payroll management was struggling with the various tax-codes in each State.

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Sandbox provided Howl with a no-obligation proposal that included:

  • A payroll software that seamlessly manages their employees all over the Country.
  • Proposal from their current healthcare provider that offered National Network to cover their employees in the States and abroad.
  • Improved their medical benefits, providing out-of-network benefits and reducing the employees' out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Cut Howl's medical and worker's comp. insurance premiums by 45%

Results (initially) could not believe the results, and the only reluctance to move forward was... "this is too good to be true" as well as the age-old question "then why isn't everyone doing this?!"... And our answer to that is- we're working on it.

  • Howl Employees now have access to their own employee-benefits dashboard and dedicated Sandbox Representative to address their benefits questions.
  • Howl's founder now spends a fraction of his time on employee benefits.
  • Howl began covering 100% of their employees health premiums, helping to attract top talent.

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